How to Clear WordPress Cache On Your Site


Caching is handled server side by us (full page and object caching too). There’s no need for third-party caching plugins. The full page cache is set to 1 hour by default, but we can fine-tune it anytime.

Clearing WordPress Cache

A Cache plugin is installed by default on all most hosted sites. It allows you to purge the object cache, the full page cache or the full cache, right from the admin bar.

Clear cache from WordPress admin
Kinsta cache plugin

Clear WordPress Cache From Dashboard

You can also manually clear WordPress cache from within the MyKinsta dashboard. Simply click on your site, click into tools and click on the “Clear Cache” button.

For example, you will need to clear the cache on your site if you are experiencing the “href=””>No Update Required Your WordPress Database is Already Up-to-Date”.

Clear WordPress cache.

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