How To Fix Facebook Too Many Redirects Infinite Loop


SOLVED – Facebook Too Many Redirects Infinite Loop. An instant fix for Facebook login issues. I often provide simple solutions to tricky problems.

If you are sick of encountering “Facebook Too Many Redirects Infinite Loop“, you have come to the right page. I encountered Facebook login issues on my computer, I will provide you an instant fix for Facebook redirect. I often provide simple solutions to tricky problems. You can check this page for more.

This was quite an unusual problem and this was the error page I was getting. Reportedly this issue has been happening around the world and more than 10M+ Facebook users have been affected. They tried to log in to manage their page, but what happened was they were not able to log in.

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Facebook Error – Too Many Redirects

Instead of getting a successful log-in window,  they were sent to an infinite redirect loop with a message displayed each time saying that the page is not working and that it has redirected too many times.

I started with suggestions to delete cookies and skimmed through the Google Chrome support page.

  1. clearing cookies and the cache from the browser
  2. using a different browser – I tried Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox. All of them had the same problem after successfully logging in
  3. using a different computer – tried multiple computers and they all had the same issue

I tried using my personal account and it successfully logged in and was able to manage my Facebook pages and account. So this was solely related that specific page account.

Below are the instructions on how to fix the Facebook too many redirect issue . Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture all the screenshots because I wasn’t even sure if it worked:

How to solve if you’re stuck in the Facebook log-in redirect loop

  1. Login to the Facebook account that is having the issue
  2. You will see the following error message:
    This page isn’t working right now redirected you too many times. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
  3. Visit : 
  4. This should take you to the news page and you will be able to see the toolbar at the top. You may notice that this layout is a bit different because Facebook upgraded the account to the new layout.
  5. You can play around with some of the ‘new look’ settings to see the dashboard.
  6. Accept the new look and you’re all done.
  7. Once I switched back to the Classic Facebook View, I logged out and then logged back in. The problem was solved.

Once you see the Facebook in the new look, you can always switch back to the Classic look.

Menu option to switch back to classic Facebook

Why did this issue happen?

Facebook is going through a design change. It asks it, users, to confirm switching to new look and/or stay with the old one. Somewhere in the process there is a mistake and the user is being looped between asking which options they prefer, without successfully letting actually answer any of those.

So it appears that upgrading the Facebook Page to the new design caused the redirection, hence facebook redirect too many times. Something probably didn’t successfully migrate to the new design and caused the loop (redirections).

But there can be other reasons like a Google Chrome plugin interfering with the connection. If the above solution did not work in your case, you may need to disable your installed Chrome plugins and try again to see if they are affecting.

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How many users are affected?

Seems like Facebhook login redirect affects quite a lot of users. For example the Google Chrome support page contains hundreds of posts complaining about this issue. If your problem still persists, you can scroll through that page and see if a solution someone else suggested that worked for them works for you.

Solved: Facebook login ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS can’t log in, page not working. If this article helped you in any way don’t forget to share !

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