How to make Facebook Avatar | Step-by-step guide


We are currently living in dark times. The world remains in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, economies are on the brink of collapse, political turmoil has ripped apart nations. All that coupled with lockdown and work from home limitations is enough to drive people mad. But Facebook is here to help. 

While the world outside is seemingly wrapped in chaos, Facebook still remains a place where you can get happy updates from your friends or be reminded of when you went on an actual holiday. Now thanks to Facebook Avatars, you now have a new way to express yourself on the social network, further helping keep stifling boredom at bay. These are basically Facebook’s version of Bitmojis, in which you can reimagine yourself in cartoon form. Or if you hate your appearance, then you can stylise yourself as someone completely different, albeit still in cartoon form. This might sound a little fiddly, but the whole process is trivially easy and you can soon have a Facebook Avatar ready in moments. 

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You can then use the avatar to create custom stickers that correspond to pre-formulated reactions. For example, you can have your avatar express laughter by rolling around in mirth or have your cartoon creation express sadness by bawling its eyes out

Currently, these avatars can only be used with the pre-formulated stickers, so are somewhat limited in scope. But they can be used in Messenger and to comment on Facebook posts, which should offer a little more flourish with how you express yourself on the social network. 

Once you create it in your Facebook app, you’ll be able to use your avatar on your desktop, laptop, iPad or other tablet. Can’t wait to get started? Here are 10 easy steps to guide you:

Step 1:

Open up the Facebook mobile app on your iOS or Android phone. Click on the three horizontal lines at the bottom right hand corner of your phone (highlighted in yellow below).

Step 2:

A tab should slide out from the right. Scroll down and tap on “See More.”

Step 3:

Click on the first option under “See More”—which says “Avatars.”

Step 4:

A gradient green-blue screen with example avatars characters should pop up! Click on “Next” and “Get Started.”

Step 5:

Choose a skin tone and when you’re ready, hit “Next.”

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