How to Clear WordPress Cache On Your Site

Caching is handled server side by us (full page and object caching too). There’s no need for third-party caching plugins. The full page cache is set to 1 hour by default, but we can fine-tune it anytime. Clearing WordPress Cache A Cache

How to Fix WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode

Is your WordPress site stuck in maintenance mode? Don’t worry, it happens. Every CMS has it’s own little weird hiccups that happen and this is one unique to WordPress. In this article, we’ll show you a quick method for how you can manually

How to Use CSS to Customize Fonts in a WordPress Theme

You can change the fonts in your WordPress theme for style or readability purposes. Typographic (or font) design experts use simple font variations to achieve amazing design results. You can use fonts to separate headlines from body text (or widget headlines and

How To Fix WordPress Login Redirect Loop Problem

This is one of those things all WordPress developers stumble upon at some point in time. In this rather short step by step WordPress troubleshooting  guide, we will talk about what causes this error and how to fix WordPress Login Redirect Loop

How to Fix Wrong-Sized Images in WordPress

One of the things that often confuses people new to WordPress (and web-tech in general) is that you can rely on WordPress to keep track of your images. Set some as featured, add them in your posts, all of that stuff. If

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